Paws With Purpose Inc.'s Logo
Paws With Purpose Inc.'s Logo

San Antonio Homemade Dog Treats

PO Box 1310 El Campo, TX 77437

Paws With Purpose Inc.'s Logo

PO Box 1310 El Campo, TX 77437

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Our Happy Customers!

At Paws with Purpose, Inc. in El Campo, Texas, we are committed to creating delicious homemade dog snacks that contain all-natural ingredients. You can expect that your dogs will love these tasty treats; some of our own canine companions definitely do. Browse through the photos in our gallery to see some of our four-legged taste testers.

Bella and Molly
They are our next-door, tail-wagging taste testers and daily yappy hour starters.

Ruby, Dolli's Cousin
The newest tail-wagging taste tester, she looks like a little statue sitting on the flower bed.

Marti, Dolli's Best Friend
Here is this tail-wagging taste tester in action.


This is Dolli's cousin, who is the best out-of-state, tail-wagging tester

Marti and Dolli

"Ok, look Dolli. Can I just have one more cookie?"

In loving memory of Rio