Animal Ear Cleaning in San Antonio

When it comes to your pet’s ears, you really can’t be too careful. Unlike humans, animals’ ears are extremely sensitive and need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they are not at risk of infection or damage. While some San Antonio pet owners may feel that this is a treatment that they can carry out themselves, the fact of the matter is that to ensure optimal results, a professional touch is needed. So, if you are based in San Antonio and feel that your cat, dog or rabbit could benefit from an advanced ear cleaning service, then why not call the experts you can count on. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Leave it to the Professionals

The thing about cleaning your pet’s ears is that it is extremely important but also a treatment that very few pets enjoy. Finding the right balance is often difficult for San Antonio pet owners to achieve and because of this many cats, dogs and rabbits in the city never receive the proper ear care that they need. The other issue with attempting to clean your pet’s ears yourself is that if you do it incorrectly, you can cause serious and lasting damage to their hearing. With all these things considered, it makes sense that this treatment would be better served being left to a professional team that can deliver optimal results without endangering your pet’s health in the process.

A Positive Approach

The certified team of pet professionals at Paws With Purpose Inc. know that to achieve optimal results for your pet’s ears, we need to make this difficult process as enjoyable and engaging as possible. It is for this reason that we always bring treats to this treatment so as to ensure that your pet can associate it with something positive. For optimal results, our team always has a bag of delicious treats at the ready for when your pet cooperates.

The Perfect Set of Tools

When it comes to professional pet care, we are firm believers that failing to prepare properly is merely setting you up to fail. This is especially important when it comes to the tools used to clean your pet’s ears. We ensure that our staff are equipped with the best and most up to date tools that ensure the ear cleaning treatment is as effective and painless as possible. The ear rinse solvent that we use is a very important part of the ear cleaning process. We use a trusted and reliable solvent that contains no traces of alcohol, steroids or toxic materials of any kind. This commitment to excellence will ensure your dog endures as little discomfort as possible during the treatment. In general, we recommend bringing your cat or rabbit for an ear cleaning once or twice a year. For dogs, we usually recommend two to three visits each year.