Animal Teeth Brushing & Scaling in Houston

If you, a friend or family member has a toothache, then the first thing you will do is go to the dentist. However, for a dog it isn’t always that easy to express if something isn’t quite right. Yes, regular visits to the dog’s vet will ensure that any major problems will be detected, but is that enough? The answer is no. To ensure that your dog’s oral hygiene is at the most optimal level, it is crucial that his or her teeth are cleaned on a regular basis. The most efficient way of ensuring that this task is met is by investing in a professional pet service.

With years of experience in providing the best pet grooming and cleaning service in Houston, it is no real surprise that so many local dog owners opt for Paws With Purpose Inc. when it comes time for their dog’s teeth to be cleaned or scaled. The simple fact of the matter is that your dog’s dental and oral health is of the utmost importance. So, what better way of guaranteeing that his or her teeth are as healthy as possible than by investing in regular top-quality service from the pet professionals that Houston trusts. Call today to learn more about our premium service or to get further information on our affordable prices. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

Painless Cleaning Techniques

At Paws With Purpose Inc., our number one priority is your dog’s happiness. It is for this reason that we invest so much time in developing techniques that provide a deep and thorough teeth cleaning for your dog without affecting his mood or sense of comfort. On top of that, we always strive to guarantee that all our teeth cleaning and scaling treatments occur painlessly and without the risk of sedation. We know that having improved oral balance will, almost always, result in a healthier and happier dog. This is why our skilled team of professionals will do all they can to ensure top quality results without the pain and discomfort of sedation.

Bones Alone Are Not Enough

One of the biggest misconceptions that we hear from local Houston dog owners is the belief that giving your dog bones and other specialized pet treats is a sufficient way of ensuring their continued dental health. This is simply not the case. Yes, it is true that bones can help increase the strength of your dog’s teeth, but this should always be combined with professional teeth cleaning and scaling work. In many ways, dogs require the same dental and oral hygiene as humans do. This means that they will require regular flossing, scaling and polishing to ensure that their teeth look better for longer. What’s more, recent research indicates that advanced dental care can add years to your dog’s life.