Exotic Pet Boarding in Dallas

When it comes to pet boarding, many Dallas pet owners feel that this is a service exclusively for cats and dogs. However, this is far from the case when it comes to the top-quality range of pet boarding services offered by Paws With Purpose Inc.. One of the most popular boarding services that we offer in recent years has been our exotic pet option.

While some less informed pet owners in Dallas may feel that it is acceptable to leave their pet lizard or snake alone for a week or more provided there is food available, the vast majority of responsible pet owners that we encounter know that this is not the case. So, as a result, to ensure that your exotic pet is as cared for when you are out of town, you need to choose a professional pet boarding service that goes the extra mile. Don’t take chances with inferior pet companies that may promise the world but deliver very little. Instead, pick the premier exotic pet boarding team you can rely on and allow us to take care of everything.

Exotic Animal Bonding

At Paws With Purpose Inc. we know that providing a superior exotic pet boarding service requires much more than organizing bedding and food. For us, interaction and bonding with our exotic visitors is vital. That is why we ensure that all of the pets that stay with us receive at least ninety minutes of one-on-one interaction with our professionally certified pet specialists every day. This direct contact time is proven to have a very positive and lasting impact on the emotional and physical stability of your pet while in our care. In fact, many of our clients remarked how their pet had developed more engaging and interactive tendencies after a brief stay in our care.

Keeping You in the Loop

Whether it’s a family vacation or a week-long business trip, being apart from your pet can be a stressful time for many Dallas men and women. It is for this reason that we at Paws With Purpose Inc. do all we can to ensure that you receive regular updates about how your exotic little friend is doing while you are away. By sending photos, videos and even selfies from us and your pet to you, we know that this will keep him or her close to your heart while you are away. On top of that, we always send at least one email per day to explain how your pet’s day has gone and to mention any notable events that may have occurred.

Pet Boarding Is for More Than Just Holidays

While it is true that most exotic pets who visit our boarding center do so because their owner is on vacation, it is not always the case. From time to time, a Dallas resident will seek our service if they are getting renovations done in their home or need to vacate their residence. In cases like this we highly recommend and welcome visits to our center to see how your pet is doing.